Radiation City follows up 2011 LP with single from new EP

After Radiation City racked up considerable acclaim last year for its full-length debut, “The Hands That Take You,” the Portland, Ore., band has no intention of letting the heat cool off: the quartet is already back with a new EP.

“Cool Nightmare” even comes with a backstory: it was inspired by, and built around, an old piano mouldering away in drummer Randy Bemrose’s basement. Like Native Americans of old, the band used every part of the beast, playing it, banging on it, slamming the lid shut and, eventually, disassembling that shit with a sledgehammer. It’s all documented in the video for “Find It of Use,” which also happens to be the free song from the EP.

The song is dreamy, with swells and swirls of instruments with a faint bossa nova vibe, as if heard from inside a giant aquarium. It’s solid, catchy stuff.

The band spends the next month on the road, mostly in the southern and western U.S., with a stop at SXSW March 14-17.

Find It Of Use

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