Duo Rainbow Arabia brings 'kaleidoscope pop' sound to song from full-length debut

It’s probably fair to say that Los Angeles duo Rainbow Arabia never expected to have a music career. The husband-wife pair of Danny and Tiffany Preston started making music as a diversion from their day jobs, and the demos they recorded in a few days with a Lebanese Casio somehow came to the attention of Gang Gang Dance, which took the Prestons along on a U.S. tour in 2008 that built hype for the duo in hipster tastemaking circles.

After a follow-up single and EP, drawn from an array of global influences from club beats to raga, Rainbow Arabia returns March 1 with “Diamonds and Boys,” its first full-length. Free song “Without You” is a ridiculously catchy synth-pop tune built around clattering rhythm, layers of keyboard tones and Tiffany’s smokey vocals.

The band’s press material calls it “kaleidoscope pop,” and that fits: it’s colorful, a little whimsical and well worth experiencing for yourself.


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