Ex-Booze guitarist Randy Michael debuts new band with trashy single, video

Photo by Ashley Simpson

After digging the hell out of a pair of songs last year from Atlanta band the Booze, we were crestfallen to learn the group is no more: apparently singer Chaz Tolliver dropped out of sight last fall, and nobody in the band has heard from him since.

Sunrise, sunset. Talk about a silver lining, though: guitarist Randy Michael (who used to play bass for Public Enemy and Butch Walker) put together a new band, the Sharp Dressed Lads, to pick up more or less where the Booze left off. The group has recorded “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth,” a 7-song debut EP that includes the trashy, rollicking single “The Face.” As it happens, that’s also the song the group shot a video for.

It’s straight-up ’70s chic, complete with feathered hair, dirtbag mustaches, wide lapels and loud print dresses, and sketchy dealings in motel rooms. In other words, it’s awesome. “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth” is available now via iTunes.

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