Portland, Ore., duo Ravishers turn jazz training into catchy pop on debut LP

We can’t lie: all these bleep-blorp bedroom synth-pop projects are starting to bum us out. So thank heaven for Ravishers, a Portland, Ore., indie-pop duo with songs that consist of more than tinkering with the settings on a Nord keyboard.

There’s harmony! There’s melody! There’s hooks! A whole album full! They play guitars! It shouldn’t be this exciting! But it is!

Er, anyway, the self-titled album is the band’s full-length debut, and by “band,” we mean frontman Dominc Castillo and guitarist Jonathan Barker, both of whom are jazz musicians by training and rock ‘n’ rollers by predilection. They’re assisted by Isaac Frost on drums, Erick Alley on bass and Matt Casebeer and/or Bryan Free on piano.

Ravishers are giving away not one, but two free songs from the record, which came out last month. There’s the uptempo “Keep You Around,” full of guitar interplay and tight vocal harmonies; and the moodier “Nobody Falls in Love Anymore,” with piano, sleepy, musing vocals and, for good measure, a catchy little horn part. Like glue, it’s strong stuff.

Keep You Around mp3
Nobody Falls in Love Anymore mp3

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