Castanets leader gives away song from new band, Raymond Byron & the White Freighter

Photo by Kat Gardiner

After pursuing a hypnotic, fractured Americana sound on five albums as the Castanets (including 2009’s “Texas Rose, The Thaw & The Beasts”) Raymond Raposa shifts to a harrowing brand of deep blues as part of a new project, Raymond Byron & the White Freighter.

We’re not talking blues à la Stevie Ray Vaughan, or even Muddy Waters: this is blues in a more deconstructed way. It’s a feeling more than a strictly defined sound on “Little Death Shaker,” the new band’s forthcoming debut. You can hear it on “Allegiance,” the first song full of brawny guitar, sparring male and female vocal parts and a ticking rhythm, especially in the first part of the tune, that calls to mind nothing so much as a time bomb counting down toward detonation.

It’s a powerful song, and it’s just the merest taste of what’s to come on “Little Death Shaker.” The album is due Sept. 4 on Asthmatic Kitty.


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