Is Virginia for lovers? Montreal rockers Red Mass suggest Saturn instead

And here you thought Saturn was just the second biggest planet in the solar system — you know, the one with all the rings.

Turns out that Saturn is for lovers, according to Montreal garage rockers Red Mass, who express that opinion a few times on the refrain to their song “Saturn.” It’s a clattering rave-up that sounds like it’s on the verge of coming completely apart. That’s only a good thing.

Formed last year from the ashes of CPC Gangbangs, Red Mass revolves around leader Roy Vucino, also known as Choyce, and an array of collaborators — all of them topless, apparently — that has included members of Black Feelings (another excellent Montreal band — more on them soon), Demon’s Claws and the inimitable Mark Sultan.

Red Mass’ self-titled debut came out last week.

Saturn mp3

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