Despite name, Resin Hits doesn't jam so much as rock out with a fierceness

This is one of those cases where the name doesn’t give a full picture of the band: Resin Hits sounds like some third-rate jam band for right-on dudes who love hacky sack.

Yet the group’s music is pretty much the opposite of that. The California band, led by Daniel Hukill, plays full-throttle garage rock with snarling guitars, battering-ram drums and terse vocals on “How to Cut a Rock” (Exotic Fever), the band’s debut. Press material for the album describes it as a record “about affliction, pessimism, suicide, global warming, positivity and peace.”

Resin Hits grew out of a band called the Vonneguts, which Hukill formed with Jamey Anderson after the former moved back to California from Alabama, where he was heavily involved in the DIY scene, booking shows at a venue he started and ran.

Sevens mp3

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