Low side project Retribution Gospel Choir returns Jan. 26 with second album

Having done seemingly all there is to do in the realm of whisper-quiet songs with glacial tempos and minimal arrangements, the members of Minnesota don’t-call-them-slowcore band Low have over the past few years been branching out with side projects.

One of those is Retribution Gospel Choir, the extracurricular activity of Low singer and guitarist Alan Sparhawk. After releasing a self-titled debut in 2008 on Mark Kozelek’s Caldo Verde label, the trio returns Jan. 26 with a second album, “2,” on Sub Pop.

The first song, “Hide It Away,” is a robust chunk of dense guitar, pulsing bass and up-front drums, and Sparhawk sings a soaring melody in a full-throated voice. Retribution has never sounded so good.

Hide It Away mp3

(Photo by Cameron Wittig)

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