Rooftop Vigilantes offers super-early peek at new record, 'Real Pony Glue'

If there’s one thing Listen, Dammit, loves (and there is), it’s full-speed rock ‘n’ roll that rattles along with gleeful abandon. That’s the kind of rock ‘n’ roll Rooftop Vigilantes makes.

The Lawrence, Kan., band self-released a four-song EP, “Who Stole My Zoo?” earlier this year, and put out the “Carrot Atlas” LP last year. The band has finished recording a new full-length, “Real Pony Glue,” which is due out sometime next year. No need to wait that long to hear some of it, though: Rooftop Vigilantes is giving away an unmastered song, “Seth No Jump.”

It’s a thrilling nugget packed with buzzsaw guitars, clattering drums and a totally perfect Farfisa line that rears up in the latter half of the song and pushes it to a close.

Seth No Jump mp3 (unmastered)

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