Chicago singer Sad Brad Smith delivers sad-bastard songs with a wink on new LP

You know exactly what you’re getting with Sad Brad Smith. OK, maybe not exactly: Smith, a Chicago singer and songwriter, takes a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to sad bastard music, molding his melancholy around a wry sense of humor.

One of his songs, “Help Yourself,” ended up on the soundtrack to last year’s sad-bastard George Clooney movie, “Up in the Air,” though that tune had a more serious air than the numbers on Smith’s new self-released album, “Love is Not What You Need.”

The free song, “Everyone Knows That I’m Still in Love With You,” is representative, with understated acoustic instrumentation (sounds like a ukulele chucking along under the piano and fat, round bass) and bemused sad-sack lyrics at once arch and self-deprecating. It’s a little off-beat, not at all self-serious and a lot catchy.

Photo by Andrew Nawrocki

Everyone Knows That I’m Still in Love With You mp3

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