Ex-Rentals singer Sara Radle gives away song from new solo album due in Sept.

Singer Sara Radle has connections, formed from years of performing with bands including the Flaming Lips, Tokyo Police Club and the Rentals, which Radle joined when former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp re-constituted the power-pop band in 2005.

Much as she has loved all those projects, Radle is ready to work for herself again. The Texas-born singer returns Sept. 14 with a new solo album, “Four,” which is a showcase for her clear, pretty voice on pop songs with lush string arrangements and a hint of ’60s girl-group panache. (Rilo Kiley fans will find plenty to love here.)

She’s giving away “Song For Adam,” which starts with gently chugging guitar and opens into a catchy tune with waves of guitar and wistful vocal harmonies. It’s a tantalizing hint, and while no one ought to wish for summer to disappear even a second faster than necessary, it’s clear we have something to look forward to in September.

Song For Adam mp3

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