Secret Colours Tease New Album With Pair of Hazy Songs

Apparently Chicago has something called a “pyschedelic-newgaze” scene, and though the size or scope of that scene isn’t really clear, the term is certainly an apt description of Secret Colours, a band that would have to be a primary anchor of any such scene. The group pairs a classic swirling psychedelia with bright elements of ’90s Brit-pop  for a sound that’s often flat-out riveting.

After releasing a self-titled debut in 2010, the band has been working on their second album with producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) on the follow-up. The result is “Peach,” which is due May 28. Listen to a pair of tracks that show what Secret Colours have been up to. “Blackhole” piles guitars, piano and murmuring vocals atop a swift, relentless rhythm, while “Blackbird (Only One)” ratchets up the guitars into trebly spikes over bold, punchy drums.


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