Secret Colours gets jump on new year with release of 'EP3'

If it’s not the first new release of 2012, it has to be close: Secret Colours posted its latest, “EP3,” on Bandcamp Jan. 1, and those five new songs can be yours for less than $1 each.

It’s a varied collection that spans the stormy psychedelic rocker “Faust,” the acoustic “Carry My Soul,” featuring ghostly female harmony vocals, and the hazy garage-pop number “Sunny Afternoon.” There’s a common denominator, though, which is that all of these songs are anchored to ridiculous grooves that never let up: whether the focus is fuzzed-out guitar or vocal interplay, Secret Colours plays deep in the pocket. Check out the songs below — they’re a trip.

Speaking of, guitarist Dave Stach got a little trippy in this Q&A with Chicago Innerview. The writer obviously led him into it, but his responses are great, particularly the stuff about Mogwai.

“EP3” is the fourth release from Secret Colours, following a self-titled LP in summer 2010 and a pair of subsequent two-song efforts, “In the Absence” and “Follow the Drone.” The band expects to hit the road in 2012.


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