Sharon Van Etten previews third LP with free 'Serpents'

It is with genuine excitement that we post a new song today from Sharon Van Etten.

The Brooklyn singer and songwriter’s 2010 release, “epic,” was epic indeed, in a hushed, intimate way that was simply devastating. Remember, for example, the song “Love More?”

Her third album, “Tramp,” explores more sonic space without losing any of the wrenching intensity of her mournful voice. In fact, she brings an accusatory anguish to her vocals on “Serpents,” the free song, which layers swooping slide guitar and choppy strumming over a propulsive backbeat as Van Etten flings recriminations: “You enjoy sucking on dreams/So I will fall asleep with someone other than you,” she sings at one point.

It’s a powerful introduction to a gorgeous album, due Feb. 7 on Jagjaguwar.

Photo by Dusdin Condren

Serpents mp3

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