Shelby Earl quits job in music biz to be a musician instead

Shelby Earl worked in the music industry for a while, and she was probably good at whatever she was doing. Even if she had been the best ever, though, we’re guessing it would still pale in comparison to how good she is as a singer and songwriter.

In 2009, she went all in, quitting those time-consuming 9-5 gigs and focusing on her music (with a little waitressing on the side to make ends meet). If the free song from her forthcoming album is any indication, it was the smartest move she could possibly have made.

“Under Evergreen,” a song about the music scene in Seattle where she lives, is a bold, soulful song that’s deeply catchy even as it strikes at the heart. It’s from the album “Burn the Boats,” out Nov. 1 on the Local 638 label run by Visqueen’s Rachel Flotard.

Under Evergreen mp3

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