Shellshag shrugs off put-downs on catchy new song 'Resiliant Bastard'

The sound of the well-traveled band Shellshag is perhaps best summed up by the term “hooky-primitive.”

The Brooklyn (by way of a bunch of other places) duo of Johnny “Shell” and Jen “Shag” makes music that is at once brusque, lo-fi and really, really catchy. Their forthcoming album, “Rumors in Disguise,” is packed with fuzz-tone guitars and elemental drumming on songs with melodies that sparkle. Johnny sings some, Jen sings others and they harmonize here and there, too.

They’re giving away the song “Resiliant Bastard” (spelling maybe isn’t their strong point), a punchy dismissal of would-be put downs. “I just don’t care,” Johnny sings, and you get the sense he totally means it.

“Rumors in Disguise” is due Feb. 9 on Don Giovanni Records.

Resiliant Bastard mp3

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