Shimmering Stars lend dark tint to vintage pop on free song

Who’s up for a little rock ‘n’ roll revisionism? Shimmering Stars is. The Vancouver band’s music “embodies an attempt at drawing out and illuminating the subtle darkness inherent in the seemingly wholesome, innocent music of the 1950s and 60s,” according to the group’s publicist.

It sounds like killer garage-pop to us on “I’m Gonna Try,” the free song from Shimmering Stars’ forthcoming debut LP, “Violent Hearts,” due Sept. 13 on Hardly Art.

The trio has that classic rock ‘n’ roll sound down cold, delivering a truly arresting melody with vocals soaked in reverb over boxy drums and trebly guitars. And yeah, it’s a little dark: “Walking down the street and I want to kill everyone that I see,” Roy McClure sings at the start of the song, which is the sort of naked anger issue you didn’t often get in the Everly Brothers. (They saved their vitriol for behind-the-scenes battles with each other.)

Sinister or not, it’s catchy as hell, and we’re eager to hear the rest of it.

Photo by Jana Sasaki

I’m Gonna Try mp3

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