Shout Out Louds give away 'Walls,' first song from album due in February

Although it got generally good reviews, the Shout Out Louds’ second album, 2007’s “Our Ill Will,” felt a little labored after the effortless, mopey pop the Swedish band laid down on its lovely 2005 (2003 in Sweden) debut, “Howl Howl Gaff Gaff.”

After a year on the road in support of “Our Ill Wills,” the band members took some well-earned time off and spread across the globe: singer Adam Olenius went to Australia, keyboardist Bebban Stenborg went to the L.A. and the rest of the quintet repaired to Stockholm.

Olenius emerged from his Australian exile with a batch of songs he demoed on his laptop in “a tiny room,” according to a press release. Those songs became the Shout Out Louds’ third album, “Work,” due Feb. 23 on Merge.

The first song, “Walls,” is promising: Recorded in Seattle with producer Phil Ek (as seen in this video), the song feels at once coiled and buoyant, like it’s ready to simply lift off — a feel conveyed by chugging keyboards and a deep, resonant bass line.

In fact, the whole thing feels pretty effortless.

Walls mp3

(Photo courtesy of Merge Records)

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