Sky Drops joins members of Smashing Orange, Licorice Roots, for 'gaze grunge'

They describe themselves as “gaze-grunge,” and there is an element of ’90s guitar crunch to Delaware duo the Sky Drops.

But that’s not all there is. What belies the genre description is the joyous undercurrent running through the band’s songs — these aren’t the morose self-recriminations of Grunge Mark I on “Truth Is” and “Swimming With the Fishes.” They’re taut, bristling tunes that overflow with vitality.

“Truth Is” barrels ahead on a superheated guitar riffs contrasting with drowsy vocals, while “Swimming With the Fishes” is a moodier, mellower song with tight vocal harmonies.

The Sky Drops brings together singer and guitarist Rob Montejo, formerly of Smashing Orange; and drummer and singer Monika Bullette, who sang in NERO and played drums for the Licorice Roots. After releasing the 5-song EP “Clouds of Rain” in 2006, the duo self-released its full-length debut, “Bourgeois Beat,” in August.

This Is mp3
Swimming With the Fishes mp3

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