Skylar Gudasz: So Happy She Could Die (or Not)


The video Skylar Gudasz shot for her song “I’m So Happy I Could Die” gives the distinct impression that she’s not entirely sincere about the sentiment. No problem: she’s wonderfully acerbic about it.

Recorded with Chris Stamey, the song is a showcase for her lyrics and the deadpan way she delivers them, along with a scabrous slide guitar part and hand-clap drums. The video shows Gudasz in different locations and poses, looking disaffected except for the moments when the barest hint of a sly smile plays around the corners of her mouth. The song comes from her upcoming debut album “Oleander,” an 11-track collection that, at first listen, shows impressive range and depth on well-arranged songs with a distinctive pop sensibility.

Gudasz, a Virginia native, studied creative writing at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and stuck around after graduating. That’s where she met Stamey, who invited her to join the Big Star Third tribute project he spearheaded. For “Oleander,” Gudasz and Stamey fleshed out piano demos she had written with lush strings, horns, woodwinds and percussion. The album is due Feb. 5 on Daniel 13.

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