NY's Sleepy Rebels spring from world of advertising with super-poppy free song

Your garden-variety rebel isn’t sleepy so much as deeply motivated by one perceived injustice or another, but then, the average upstart isn’t making music nearly as interesting as Sleepy Rebels are.

The New York trio sprung, sort of, from the advertising world endeavors of Jeremy Adelman and Samantha Balassa, who have done music production and composition for advertising campaigns by Volkswagon, Hulu, Jaguar and JC Penney. Eager to step outside the corporate world, the pair founded Powerful Company to dabble in art without obsessing first over commerce. First up: Adelman’s band, Sleepy Rebels. Convoluted, no?

Well, their free song isn’t. “You Can Make the Sunrise” is a poppy burst of bouncing rhythm, upbeat guitars and stick-in-your-head melody. It’s perfect for a hip commercial, you know?

The song is from Sleepy Rebels’ debut, “Yellow Tree,” which is due May 10 on — you guessed it — Powerful Company.

You Can Make the Sunrise mp3

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