Irish garage-rockers So Cow preview split LP with free song 'I Hardly Know You'

Obviously not every Irish band uses a tin whistle and uilleann pipes, so it’s hard to say what an Irish band sounds like. That said, So Cow doesn’t sound like an Irish band — more like a group of greasy garage-rockers from Nashville or Atlanta. Really, though, the group is the brainchild of Brian Kelly, who recently expanded the group from a solo project that sounded like a band to an actual full band, just in time to release a split LP next month with another Irish band, Squarehead.

“I Hardly Know” you is one of So Cow’s contributions to the LP, “Out of Season,” and the song is a rollicking burst of rock ‘n’ roll full of gritty guitars, snappy drums and raw-edged vocals. “Out of Season” is due Nov. 13 on Inflated Records.

I Hardly Know You mp3


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