Soars delivers arresting atmospherics on 'dreamgaze' songs from forthcoming LP

Listening to Soars is a little like living in an apartment between a fascinating conversationalist and a great band, and trying to pay attention to all the compelling sounds that bleed through their walls into your place.

On the one side (in our little scenario), you hear dark, searing, atmospheric music that swirls around relentless beats, while ghostly snatches of dialog (or maybe soliloquy) drift through from the other side, forming an overpowering whole that becomes completely arresting.

That’s essentially what you get from this Pennsylvania foursome, which hails from the oft-overlooked Lehigh Valley.

To celebrate the release next week of of its self-titled debut on La Société Expéditionnaire, Soars is giving away a pair of songs from the album.

“Figurehead” comes complete with a relentless, pinion-like drum beat grinding beneath arcing flights of guitar and Brianna Edwards’ echoing vocals. “Throw Yourself Apart” is more subdued, but no less mesmerizing, as it glides along, a tangle of breathy vocals, ethereal guitars and distant, almost muffled drums.

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Figurehead mp3
Throw Yourself Apart mp3

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