Something Fierce evokes late '70s UK punks on free tune

We have a considerable fondness for the trashy garage-rock those reprobates at Dirtnap Records curate so well via Texas bands like Mind Spiders, Bad Sports, High Tension Wires and more — they know what they like, and they’ve established a definitive Dirtnap sound. Or so we thought.

Something Fierce doesn’t sound like a Dirtnap band, nor does it sound like a Texas band. Not that we’re complaining: the Houston trio calls to mind British punk in the late ’70, and it seems pretty clear that the Clash and maybe Wire are primary influences the three have taken to heart. Also, the woman on the right calls herself Nikki Seven, and that’s just awesome.

“Afghani Sands,” the free song from Something Fierce’s recent Dirtnap debut, rides a fat, round bassline topped with sharp stabs of guitar and vocals that evoke a muffled Joe Strummer. It’s terse, pointed and a little edgy, and an excellent teaser to the album, “Don’t Be So Cruel,” which came out in April.

Something Fierce spends most of the next month on tour with the Cute Lepers, traveling from Boise, Id, to Bellingham, Wa., by way of (for example) New Haven, Miami, New Orleans and, of course, a hometown gig Sept. 13 in Houston. Check out the complete itinerary.

Afghani Sands mp3

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