Spacey Oakland quintet Lumerians gives away song from forthcoming debut LP

It’s tempting to dismiss out of hand a band like Lumerians, which cites as major influences outsider artist Eugene Von Bruenchenchein and, according to their record label bio, “son et lumiere, the fusion of sound and light that is one of the hallmarks of deep trance and media.”

Out of hand dismissal becomes much less tempting, though, after you hear the music.

The Oakland band makes droning music with a hypnotic pull. On “Atlanta Brook,” the free song from the band’s forthcoming debut, a synthesizer hovers in the background as a repeating bassline and sitar-like guitar licks push the song forward, murmured lyrics giving way to icy shards of squalling guitar in the middle before the bursts fade back into arpeggios winding around wordless vocals.

The album, “Transmalinnia, is due March 1 on Knitting Factory Records.

Atlanta Brook mp3

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