Super Melody gets super-catchy on new song 'Worker Bee'

If any song is ideally suited to an ’80s movie gettin’-things-done montage, it’s “Worker Bee” by Super Melody. While we wouldn’t want to re-live the ’80s for anything, we’re happy to rock out to this super-catchy electro-pop jam.

Super Melody is the project of James Cecil, who was an early member of the Australian twee-pop band Architecture in Helsinki. The Melbourne producer left Architecture in Helsinki at the end of 2007 to focus on Super Melody, which released its debut LP, “Destination Unknown,” this week in the U.S.

The band is said to have worked up an impressive live show, too, which you can check out for yourself if you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Ore., or New York — the four cities they’re hitting on a mini-tour in September.

In the meantime, check out “Worker Bee,” a bubbly concoction of candy-colored synthesizers, stadium-sized guitar parts and breathy vocals over jumpy beats.


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