Superchunk remasters and reissues 'No Pocky for Kitty' and 'On the Mouth'

Good news, kids: Superchunk is reissuing its second and third records next month on vinyl (along with CD and digital download).

The influential Chapel Hill band, founded by Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance in 1989, more or less in conjunction with Merge Records, released “No Pocky for Kitty” in 1991 and “On the Mouth” in 1993. (The latter was the band’s last release for Matador, which had just signed a distribution agreement with Atlantic, to Superchunk’s discomfort.) The reissues, due Aug. 17, have been remastered from the original half-inch reels.

It’s a busy year for Superchunk: the band also releases “Majesty Shredding” Sept. 14, its first full-length album of new material since 2001’s “Here’s to Shutting Up.”

Ever generous, they’re giving away the remastered opener from “No Pocky for Kitty” in mp3 form.

Skip Steps 1 & 3 mp3

Photo by Jason Arthurs

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  1. August 21, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Listen to a podcast review of No Pocky For Kitty by Superchunk on the Dig Me Out Podcast at, a weekly podcast dedicated to reviewing lost, forgotten and overlooked rock of the 1990s.

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