SXSW: Lissie sings with riveting, rootsy soul during afternoon set for Paste

All the buzz around Lissie makes sense once you hear her perform.

The Rock Island, Ill., native, last name of Maurus, sings with a sort of rustic soul on spare songs that sometimes border on spellbinding.

Her set Wednesday afternoon at the Galaxy Room as part of a Paste magazine day party had even the first-day SXSW crowd listening in rapt attention on “Wedding Bells” and “Oh Mississippi,” a riveting ode to the river that flows past her hometown.

With haunting backing vocals from her guitarist and bass player/drummer, the song was powerful enough to send chills up your spine in a plenty-warm room.

Listen here to her song “Little Lovin’.”

— Text and photo by Eric R. Danton

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