SXSW: Plants and Animals grab attention with catchy jams at Brooklyn Vegan bash

Montreal band Plants and Animals sometimes describes itself as “post-classic rock.” We’re not really sure what that means.

All we know is that we were only half paying attention to the start of their set at the Brooklyn Vegan/M for Montreal day party Saturday when things suddenly got really catchy, and we were swept away by an eddy in the current of rock. Or something.

We’re not sure what the song was, but the show was the last of six that Plants and Animals played at this year’s SXSW. Maybe having the end in sight added a little frenetic urgency, but we suspect the band always performs with taut, coiled energy that’s difficult to resist.

The songs were intricately constructed, with tight grooves here, zig-zagging guitar there and vocals from singer Warren Spicer than ranged from low murmurs on the restless “Faerie Dance” to terse and expressive elsewhere.

Plants and Animals releases its second full-length album, “La La Land,” April 20 on Secret City.

Faerie Dance mp3

Text by Eric R. Danton, photo by Caroline Desilets

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