SXSW Preview: She & Him

Not only is their second album a delightful leap forward, She & Him is bringing it to you live with a handful of shows at SXSW that come as part of a spring tour.

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward have outdone themselves on “Volume Two” (due March 23 on Merge): the vintage-style pop songs are catchier and more daring, the production is lusher and Deschanel sings with tons more confidence. It is, in short, a keeper, and though they’re on the road right now, they won’t be forever: Ward has a promising solo career, and Deschanel is an actress or something, so catch them while you can.

She & Him performs March 18 at Cedar Street Courtyard, March 19 at Lustre Pearl and March 20 at Auditorium Shores.

Listen here to their new single, “In the Sun” (as soon as Merge fixes the link.)

(Photo by Taea Thale)

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