New free song shows T-Model Ford, 90, still outpaces bluesmen half his age

Modern blues would be far less dreary if more of the overfed, goateed white guys playing it had even a touch of T-Model Ford’s spark — and the 90ish-year-old Ford only started releasing albums in 1997.

The irascible bluesman and former truck driver (and, it’s said, chain-gang alumnus) from the north Mississippi hill country returned this week with week with his latest, “Taledragger,” on the Alive label, after a series of records on Fat Possum.

Recording with the Seattle band GravelRoad, Ford sings in a hungry yowling drawl and plays grimy guitar licks that leave you with the distinct impression that he could, even now, bust into a road house and beat some ass.

You can find out yourself when he hits the road this spring: tour dates are forthcoming. In the meantime, there’s “Same Old Train,” the free song from “Taledragger.”

Photo by Peter Lee

Same Old Train mp3

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