New York six-piece Teen Girl Scientist Monthly has EP, awesome band name

First, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is an outstanding band name. Think of the t-shirt possibilities! Second, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is also a great band.

Although the New York sextet doesn’t quite create the “completely new and entirely original sound” their PR promises (there seem to be a lot of facile Arcade Fire-meets-Black Lips comparisons), the band sounds good, and that’s a good start.

Three of the six members played together in the post-punk group Hey! (way, way less interesting name), before recruiting friends and associates to form Teen Girl Scientist Monthly last year. The group released a 5-song EP, “Pioneer Ghost,” in December, and it’s a mix of gritty guitars, sweet, sighing violin and male-female vocals singing wistful melodies. Give it a listen here.

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