Long-lost Chicago foursome the Blacks to release EP after 10-year absence

Few places had indie-rock scenes as vibrant and truly awesome as Chicago did in the ’90s. The Blacks were a part of it for a too-brief period toward the end of the decade before imploding.

Now, after a decade apart, they’re back with a new EP, “In Sickness and Health.”

Formed in the mid-’90s by guitarist Danny Black and bassist Gina Black, who just happened to share a last name, the band established a reputation for fierce live shows and managed to release two albums, “Dolly Horrorshow” in 1998 and “Just Like Home” in 2000, before the group’s latent volatility tore it apart.

Cut to the Bloodshot Records 15th-anniversary party last fall, which featured a reunion set by Danny, Gina, drummer James Emmenegger and guitarist Nora O’Connor. The band had such a good time that past hard feelings were forgotten, or at least forgiven, and they recorded a new EP: “In Sickness and Health” is due March 9 on Bloodshot.

The digital-only release features six new tunes, and the first 300 downloads come with a limited edition poster.

No new songs are available to post, but here are a couple of classic Blacks jams.

Fake Out Jesus mp3
Horrorshow mp3

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