Nashville rockers The Clutters give away ballsy single from new album due May 10

Every time we think we’ve already heard all the awesome rock ‘n’ roll bands from Nashville, we find another one, like The Clutters. Yeah, sure, David Fricke has already raved about them in Rolling Stone, and the band has drawn accolades in a bunch of now-defunct magazines — and the band absolutely merits the praise.

With a new album due in May, the foursome is getting an early start on elevating your heart rate with the free song “Under Suspicion,” a booming rocker best described as totally fucking sweet. It’s full of scuzzy, jacked-up guitar riffs tussling with keyboard parts that whir like a fleet of UFOs come to abduct you, because they can. So get ready, dammit.

The album, “Breaking Bones,” is due May 10, and you can find “Under Suspicion” pressed on a limited-edition 7-inch single on Record Store Day April 16.

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins

Under Suspicion mp3

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