The Dears preview fifth record, due in February, with free new song 'Blood'

Evidently it’s Canada Day here at Listen, Dammit, World Headquarters. After posting a sweet new track earlier from Hot Panda, one of Canada’s buzziest new buzz bands, we’re back with a song from the forthcoming album by The Dears, a group that helped shape the early days of Canada’s ongoing indie revolution.

The Montreal band took shape in 1995, and has persevered through various lineup changes and general tumult, releasing four acclaimed albums on the way, including “No Cities Left” in 2003 and “Gang of Losers” in 2006.

The Dears’ fifth album, “Degeneration Street,” due Feb. 15 on Dangerbird, is being described (by the band’s publicists) as a “sweeping collection of orchestral pop/rock that is at once enlightening, angst-ridden and mesmerizing.”

The free song, “Blood,” is certainly mesmerizing, what with its dense, turgid guitars and tight layers of vocals. You can get yourself a little taste right here for free, and you can download the song in exchange for your e-mail address.

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