Seattle trio The Lights previews third LP with free mp3, 'Puerto Escondido'

There are a lot of bands called Lights: Listen, Dammit, reviewed an album last summer by a Brooklyn band called Lights, and there’s a also a Canadian singer who goes by the name Lights. Add to that a Seattle trio called The Lights we’re starting to get confused. Seriously, people, there are other names available.

Regardless, The Lights deserves to stand out, if “Puerto Escondido” is any indication. And it is. It’s a track from the band’s third record, “Failed Graves,” which is due April 27 on Wantage.

The album title refers to the brief life span of most bands; the song is an unsettling narrative that sounds like it takes place on the outskirts fo some lawless town in the desert southwest. Lean, arid guitar lopes along over a primal drum beat on the verse, building to trebly, overdriven chords churning along behind stark vocal harmonies on the chorus.

Puerto Escondido mp3

Photo by Sarah Murphy Jurado

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