The Pharmacy is back again with the new song 'Baby Be'

Photo by Adarasha Benjamin

Earlier this year we reveled in the trashy garage rock of the Pharmacy on the song “Dig Your Grave,” and like all good trashy garage-rock bands, the Seattle trio didn’t take too long to resupply us with, well, trashy garage rock.

In fact, the band is on a roll: The Pharmacy released the EP “Dig Your Grave” last winter, followed it up with the EP “Josephine” in the spring and returns yet again with an LP, “Stoned & Alone,” in November. “Baby Be” is the free song, and it’s a compact number with a vintage surf-style melody over a cool burbling keyboard part. If you like the Kinks, or the Ventures, then this one’s for you. Hell, it’s for you anyway, so check it out.


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