The Pharmacy returns with new 4-song EP, 'Josephine'

Seems like The Pharmacy just released the EP “Dig Your Grave,” but the Seattle band is back already with a new four-song set, “Josephine,” that keeps the adrenaline pumping.

Recorded in the same studio where Nirvana made “Bleach,” the songs on “Josephine” are a little less chaotic than “Dig Your Grave,” which is not to say they don’t still crackle with restless energy. The EP features two version of the title track, the hazy, acoustic-ish “LP version” and “Portland Version,” which trades the Laurel Canyon folk sound for a pell-mell garage-rock thing that sounds like it could go off the rails at any moment.

But wait: LP version? That’s right: “Josephine” (and, for that matter, “Dig Your Grave”) are part of a forthcoming full-length album, “Stoned & Alone,” due in digital form May 11 on Seayou Records.

The Pharmacy — “Josephine” (Portland version)

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