Italian band The R's ready U.S. debut on Nat Geo Music

Count us among the legions unaware that National Geographic runs, of all things, a record label — one that seems to have a fondness for Italian indie-rock.

That’s right, the same folks who brought you inside the Titanic, explored Machu Picchu and compiled a shitload of awesome facts about sharks are now bringing you The R’s, a trio from northern Italy that sounds like they spent the late ’90s hanging with the Elephant 6 indie collective.

Since forming in 2002, the group has put out various self-released projects, along with an “official” LP in 2008. Now a proud member of the Nat Geo Music stable, the R’s (formerly known as the Records, we’re told) is readying its U.S. debut, “De Flora Et Fauna.” In keeping with National Geographic’s spirit of adventure, why not check out “Mr. Hide,” the super-catchy song they’re giving away in exchange for a “like” on Facebook? More details here.

Also, check out this video for “I Love My Family”:

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