Apples in Stereo leader Robert Schneider returns with Thee American Revolution

When last we heard from Robert Schneider, he was inventing a new musical scale for “New Magnetic Wonder,” the vibrant 2007 album by his band the Apples in Stereo. Now he’s back, and he’s in a psychedelic mood.

With his brother-in-law, Craig Morgan, Schneider formed Thee American Revolution, a fuzzed-out celebration of vintage lo-fi rock. Allegedly recorded under the supervision of W. Shears, said to be a reclusive English rocker active in the ’60s, Schneider and Morgan laid down “Buddha Electrostorm” (Garden Gate) in Kentucky. They’re supported on stage by a cast of friends from Olivia Tremor Control, the Apples in Stereo, Blueberries and Big Fresh.

The album is out now, and first single “Power House” is a good example of the band’s sound: loose, exuberant rock that blends noisy rave-ups with Schneider’s love of punchy pop melodies.

Power House mp3

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