Thieves Like Us drift through 'Forget Me Not,' first song from forthcoming 2nd LP

Publicity material for Thieves Like Us says the trio makes “sentimental electronic music,” which is probably not the first adjective that comes to mind in the context of the genre.

It’s an apt description, though, of the multi-national band’s sound on “Forget Me Not,” the first song the group has made available from its forthcoming second LP. The doesn’t throb so much as drift gently, but with purpose, synthesizers and unison vocals hovering over distant rhythm tracks.

Singer and guitarist Andy Grier, synth player Björn Berglund and percussionist Pontus Berghe — an American and two Swedes — are said to have met in 2002 at a picnic in East Berlin, where they discovered enough common ground to begin making music.

They released their first album, “Play Music,” in 2008. Their second, “Again and Again,” is due July 6 on Shelflife.

Forget Me Not mp3

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