Post-rockers This Will Destroy You give away first single from second LP

We’ve never really liked the term “post-rock.” What the hell does that even mean? (Yeah, yeah, we know. But still.) For the sake of convenience, though, we’ll abide by the term that is most often applied to Texas band This Will Destroy You.

The foursome plays brooding instrumental music, slowly building tension on songs that seethe quietly until they explode into dense bursts of sound. The group released a self-titled full-length debut in 2008, and returns this summer with the follow-up, “Tunnel Blanket.”

“Communal Blood” is the first single from the new record, and it conveys a sense of distant foreboding as the bass moves restlessly beneath ambient sounds that grow steadily louder, a thick curtain of roiling guitars blending with waves of noise from cymbals. Take a listen.

Communal Blood mp3

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