Those Darlins give away 'Night Jogger,' the A-side from new 7-inch single

The new full-length from garage-country trio Those Darlins won’t be ready until early next year, but the Tennessee three are far too ladylike to leave you waiting that long: The gals Tuesday release a 7-inch containing two new songs, “Night Jogger” b/w “Funstix Party.”

The former is terse and dark, with a slinky bass groove and spiky guitar framing aggressive, almost disdainful lyrics. The latter is a raucous, raunchy party song with a healthy dose of beery twang as Those Darlins dole out assignments regarding who’s bringing what. Listen here to both songs. You can also download “Night Jogger” here for free, and remember: pick up the 7-inch Tuesday at your local indie retailer.

Those Darlins are on tour now through Oct. 10; check here for the itinerary.

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