Tim Williams channels open-heart surgery into new songs for 'Careful Love'

Although everybody sings about them, serious life-changing events probably aren’t all that common. Tim Williams experienced a genuine life-changing event.

In May 2008, the Brooklyn singer and songwriter underwent what his record label describes as “intensive open-heart surgery.” While he spent the rest of the year recovering, Williams wrote and rehearsed new songs, recruiting keyboardist Misty Boyce and guitarist Matt Welsh to help flesh out the full-band sound he had in mind.

The resulting album, “Careful Love,” out Oct. 20 on Dovecote, reflects his experiences, starting with the song “I Hit Another Wall,” which Williams is giving away.

“I wrote the song as a reminder of how lucky I was to make it through,” he says. “It was physically the most painful experience of my life.”

I Hit Another Wall mp3

(Photo by Davey Wilson)

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