The True Jacqueline Hone Chops on ‘Like Way Out’ EP

Noise-pop trio the True Jacqueline has been thrashing around the Northampton scene since 2007, venturing out on occasional tours in between making self-released recordings that have earned the group spots opening for the likes of Bishop Allen and the War on Drugs. Their live forays pay off on their latest release, “Like Way Out,” a five-song EP that has a practiced looseness on songs that skillfully navigate tight turns.

Opener “Knock Knees” starts with a simple riff and wordless vocals from bassist Kate Niemczyk before a surge of guitars upend the song, which hurtles through changes in rhythm and tempo while Niemczyk’s vocals give chase. A massive overdriven guitar line from Noah Cerveny underpins the “Cookie Dog,” an atmospheric song indebted to the enveloping fuzz-tones of My Bloody Valentine, while last song “I Can Read” pairs churning guitar noise with knotty tangles of seasick guitars that give way to murky, yearning vocals from Cerveny.

It’s an excellent next step from a band that has become a stalwart cornerstone of an expanding local music scene that has attracted national attention in 2013.

The True Jacqueline performs Thursday, Dec. 19, at Sierra Grille in Northampton.  

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