D.C. trio True Womanhood offers free mp3 from unsettling dream-pop EP

Given current events, songs about villainous priests couldn’t be more timely. Washington DC trio True Womanhood doesn’t seem to be singing about the latest clergy-related scandal on “The Monk,” a song from the band’s debut EP, but the lyric “I’m the parish priest and I’m creeping behind you” is plenty unsettling either way.

The musicians, friends since middle school, recorded the EP, “Basement Membranes” at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. “The Monk” is a riveting track, moody and atmospheric with shared vocals that ebb and flow, strings that hover over a loping bass line and silvery guitar arpeggios, and the distant rumble of timpani drums.

“Basement Membranes” is out Tuesday on Environmental Aesthetics.

The Monk mp3

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