Turbo Fruits, Bad Cop celebrate Nashville, sort of, on split 7-inch single

Ryan Adams opined about the Volunteer State on “Tennessee Sucks” in 2002, now Turbo Fruits have offered a rebuttal of sorts with “Love Tennessee.”

It’s a celebration of the noisy indie-rock scene bursting out of Nashville, a boom that Turbo Fruits leader Jonas Stein helped foment when he was part of Be Your Own Pet. Now the scene also includes BYOP alumni in Jeff the Brotherhood, as well as the bands Pujol, Heavy Cream, Natural Child, Bad Cop and more.

Speaking of Bad Cop, they’re so tight with Turbo Fruits that they’ve nabbed the other side of the 7-inch single bearing “Love Tennessee.” Bad Cop’s offering is “Wet Lips,” a hectic garage-rocker very much in the spirit of the Trashmen, if they had made grainy, lo-fi videos with comely young women writhing around in them.

The “Love Tennessee”/”Wet Lips” 7-inch is due July 31 on Jeffrey Drag Records, but you can hear the former, and watch the video for the latter, right now.


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