Norway's Turbonegro returns with first album in 5 years

Amid the sad news today about the death of Adam Yauch of the Beasties Boys comes a ray of light. Through a grime-caked window. In some completely sketchy back-alley peep show.

In other words, Turbonegro is back. The Norwegian dirtbag rockers return June 13 with “Sexual Harassment,” their first album since 2007’s “Retox” and first without former singer Hank von Helvete, who displayed a knack for over-the-top homoeroticism in his lyrics and his antics on stage.

New singer Tony Sylvester, known to his friends as the Duke of Nothing, seems to have picked up where the newly sober von Helvete left off, judging by first single “You Give Me Worms.” It’s a loud, scuzzy mix of hard rock and punk that, like all of Turbonegro’s best stuff (“Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker,” “Just Flesh” and so on), revels in a certain gutter-level debauchery. Welcome back, you reprobates.

Turbonegro — “You Give Me Worms”

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