Twin Cabins gives away track from low-key, sunny debut LP

The band is Twin Cabins, but there’s just one guy responsible for the airy, dream-like sound of the songs on a debut LP. That guy is Nacho Cano, a Californian by way of Mexico City, where he lived until he was 10.

After moving to San Diego, Cano learned guitar and began writing songs as a middle school student. As far as we know, no middle student has ever written any song worth keeping, but Cano kept at it, branching out to new instruments and honing his skill as a songwriter. It’s all come to bear on “I’m Sure,” Twin Cabins’ low-key debut, which mixes electronic sounds with guitars and hazy vocals.

Cano’s press bio describes the album as “a love letter to past lovers, new lovers and the comfort of an unpredictable future,” and that’s compelling enough for us. Download the free song “Cool Kids,” and listen to an album sampler below.


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