New York's Versus gives away opening song from first album in a decade

Nihilists are generally a dour lot: all that skepticism about stuff apparently includes humor, unless you’re New York indie band Versus.

After a hiatus/breakup/pause, the trio returns with “On the Ones and Threes,” mixing a morbid worldview with wry humor on its first album in a decade. Even the title cuts both ways.

“It’s about being out of step with everyone else, like Minor Threat,” guitarist Richard Baluyut says in the band’s press material. “It’s also a joke about Europeans clapping.”

“Invicible Hero” kickstarts the album with snarling guitar and deceptively serene vocal harmonies from Baluyut and Fontaine Toups on lyrics heaped with ironic observations. “On the Ones and Threes” is due Aug. 3 on Merge.

Invincible Hero mp3

Photo by Kyle Dean Reinford

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